Welcome to Noise Engine Recording Studios!


May 5, 2004: The web site is up!

May 19-20, 2004: The web site has been updated!

One Million thanks to Drew Creel and Bill VandeSande,
without whom this site wouldn't be here!

May 16, 2005: Long overdue update!

Noise Engine will be working on Eden's Twilight's
1st CD this summer. Eden's Twilight is Wade's band. There
are also various tenative projects on tap. Stay tuned for
updates and links to check out the artists!

August 1, 2005: New update!

Noise Engine Recording just recorded the first demo for Lindsay Schulz!
Lindsay is an excellent up and coming singer/songwriter.
Noise Engine Recording will be recording Houston band Juggernaut soon.
Check back soon for details on the sessions.

Wade VandeSande - Head Engineer/Owner
Contact: noiseengine@hotmail.com
Phone: (281) 615-6736